Here are the first set of five questions. Do your best to answer them!

1. What is the biggest continent in the world?

2. How many colors are in a rainbow (not including ultravoilet and infrared)

3. What is the largest organ in the human body?

4. What does the Latin root luz mean?

5. What is the scientific name for humans?

6. How many hours are in three days?

7. How many letter are in the alphabet?

8. How many degrees are in a circle?

9. In what year did the Battle of Yorktown take place in?

10. What is 9+(8x4)-(7+2)?

11. Which of these is a mammal?

12. Which day is in the middle of the week?

13. In what direction was Lower Egypt located?

14. How many feet are in two yards?

15. Is Australia a country or a continent?

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